Eyam Hall to be leased by the National Trust.


Historic Eyam Hall was built in 1670 and has been in the Wright family for nine generations. Now it has been leased to the National Trust, who will open it to the public on 20th March, 2013. Not only will visitors be able to look around the Hall, but there will be specialist craft shops for picking up unusual gifts and a tempting cafe in the adjacent stable yard. Click here for a BBC video article on the opening of the Hall.

The village of Eyam is well known for the fact that two thirds of its population were wiped out between 1665 and 1666 after the plague was carried to the village by rats in a consignment of cloth sent from London. The plague never spread from the village due to the bravery of the residents, who lived and died in a self imposed quarantine. There is a wonderful museum in Eyam which is well worth a visit and many of the original “plague cottages” survive to this day.

Eyam is a typical Peak District village, steeped in history and surrounded by beautiful countryside. It is also only a 10 minute drive from Candlelight Cottage. The Hall, museum, tea shops and fine pub make it an ideal place to pass the time of day and discover more of the rich history of the Peak District.

  • To check when Candlelight Cottage is available, click here.

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