Investing in the environment

Candlelight Cottage is “Investing in the environment and actively promoting the products, attractions and traditions of the Peak District”.

Formally a village shop and before that, two separate cottages, Candlelight Cottage has been recently renovated to provide luxury self catering accommodation in the heart of the Peak District National Park. Situated in a conservation area, we are keen to minimise our own impact on the local environment, whilst actively supporting those businesses, which protect the environment and local wildlife for future generations.

“Adopting good environmental practices to help conserve the Peak District National Park.”

People visit the Peak District because of its beauty. By adopting a responsible environmental policy, we are trying to help keep it that way. Our guests judge us on the quality of the welcome and services we provide. Adopting a proactive environmental policy has allowed us to add goods and services, which enhance our customers’ stay with us. An example of this is our link with local businesses, such as Tindalls of Tideswell, who are also mindful of their impact on this beautiful area. We purchase local specialities such as Wakes cakes and Thar cakes from Tindalls, to put in our welcome basket. We also encourage guests to use the services of Sauced Here and Shop in Tideswell, two businesses offering a full basket of products, sourced from the area’s top purveyors , which can be pre-ordered and delivered directly to Candlelight Cottage.

Candlelight Cottage, Litton, Derbyshire

Candlelight Cottage, Litton, Derbyshire

We believe that by implementing our environmental policy, we can improve the quality and variety of our visitors’ holiday experiences in the following ways:

  • Reducing the impact of our business on the environment to help preserve the beauty of the National Park.
  • Introducing guests to locally made products, unique to the area.
  • Promoting businesses and schemes that aim to conserve the special features of the Peak District National Park.

Whilst only a small business, there are many ways in which we can reduce our environmental impact. We have already put into place a waste and recycling policy and have begun an energy saving programme.

Here are some of the areas in which action is being taken


  • We recycle glass, paper, cans, plastic, cardboard and used printer cartridges
  • To reduce packaging waste, we buy in bulk and use refills when possible
  • Where appropriate, we purchase recycled products
  • We conduct our business by e-mail and telephone as much as we can to minimise paper use.


  • The boiler, gas stove and AGA are serviced annually to ensure maximum efficiency and safety
  • Windows are double glazed with additional draft proofing
  • Shutters and thermal linings on curtains help reduce drafts and heat loss
  • We monitor our energy usage to help identify potential savings
  • Individual radiators can be adjusted
  • Where possible, as they break, we replace traditional bulbs with their energy efficient equivalents
  • All of our laundry is dried naturally to save energy.


  • A shower is available as a water saving option to a bath
  • We encourage guests to use “economy” settings on appliances
  • An ‘A’ or ‘B’ grade dishwasher and washing machine have been fitted.


  • Our welcome packs include locally sourced products from other environmentally mindful businesses
  • We try to purchase products with little or no packaging
  • The cottage was renovated and is maintained by local builders and tradesmen. Wherever possible we use local suppliers of raw materials to minimise the environmental impact of transportation
  • A bird feeder, bird box and thoughtful planting encourage butterflies and birds into the garden.


Folders are provided for guests with information on:

  • Public transport
  • Local walks (maps are available)
  • Cycle hire facilities
  • Environmentally aware businesses in the Peak District
  • Local products and attractions
  • Peak Park and National Trust conservation and fund raising initiatives eg. “Friends of the Peak District”

Candlelight Cottage: “Investing in the environment and actively promoting the products, attractions and traditions of the Peak District.”

We encourage our guests to help by

  • Trying to conserve energy whenever possible
  • Using economy settings on appliances
  • Closing curtains and shutters to keep warmth in the cottage on cold evenings
  • Using the recycling boxes provided
  • Offering suggestions on how we could improve our green credentials
  • Considering the use of local transport whenever possible
  • Shopping locally
  • Sampling regional specialities
  • Supporting businesses that are keeping alive local crafts and Peak District traditions.

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